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Refreshing Summer Drink for Stomach, Liver and Good Health

Dubai: With the scorching sun at its peak, who doesn’t need to stay hydrated? The heat sucks all your energy and takes away the water content from the body. A regular intake of liquids and drinks not only quenches thirst but also helps keep the body energised, active and healthy throughout the day. Compiled from Pinkvilla, here is a list of four low-calorie summer drinks to keep you going through the hot weather. Coconut water: Coconut is a

rich source of potassium and has fewer calories as compared to other sugar-based drinks. Not only does it hydrate the body but also adds necessary minerals and antioxidants that are needed. This summer, stock your fridge with coconuts and crack them open when the heat has drained you – emotionally and physically! Refreshing Summer Drink for Stomach, Liver and Good Health
Herbal tea: With a dash of lemon, chamomile, peppermint jasmine or raw honey, herbal teas and homemade iced teas are the perfect way to refresh yourself in the middle of a hot afternoon. Packed with several nutrients, they serve as a great substitute to the sugar-based drinks available in the market. Watermelon Cooler: It is a myth that watermelon is only full of water and sugar. What most people do not know is that the fruit also contains

high levels of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and just a small number of calories. Since the fruit has all the necessary nutrients and water content to keep you hydrated, it is excellent while vacationing at a hot destination or enjoying an afternoon on the beach. Add ice cubes and some lime juice and blend it with the watermelon.

Cucumber-mint squash: A refreshing and nourishing drink for summers, cucumber-mint squash with a dash of lime is full of magnesium, potassium, manganese, vitamin C and vitamin K. It can be prepared in no time and it acts as a natural antioxidant for the body.

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